Here’s What The Experts Are Saying
About Why Men Pull Away

Why Men Pull Away will show any woman not only why men are different, but how to use those differences to create closeness with a man.

I especially like the part about what to do when a man is acting distant.

– Dr. Bob Grant
Licensed professional counselor and author of “The Woman Men Adore… And Never Want To Leave.”

If men came with an instruction manual, this would be it.  Why Men Pull Away is full of amazing insights into how his mind works. 

The best thing about it is how simply it is written, making understanding him easy instead of conversations ending in frustration.  I see this as a resource that many will refer to often.

– Cindy Battye
Dating and Relationships Advisor & Entrepreneur

This program is Fantastic! Why Men Pull Away is not only a must have for single women but also for women in realtionships.

One of the most difficult and challenges aspects to dating and love is when your man loses interest and desire for you and you don’t know why – Why Men Pull Away is a powerful program that will certainly turn this around for you.

– Nadine Piat-Niski
Personal coach, speaker, and author of ‘Healthy You, Healthy Love’.

“When you’re getting advice from Meet Your Sweet, you’re getting pure GOLD straight from the hearts of their gifted experts.  I really love how they care so much about both women AND men.

That’s one key way you can always know what they tell you is going to really, truly work to build close, intimate relationships.  Scot and I work with them often, and can’t wait to do so again soon!”

– Emily McKay
Dating coach and author of “Click With Him.”