10 Ways To Tell He’s A Great Catch

No relationship stands the test of time without having a few ups and downs along the way.

However, a great man will always be a best friend, through and through. And has the best interests of his woman at heart. 

He’s fun, he’s motivated by life, and he does nice things for the love in his life. 

Here are 10 ways to tell if he is a great catch that must be held on to at all costs…

1. He prioritises your happiness as much as his own

A good man will gain great pleasure from seeing his girlfriend (or wife) being happy. He wants to bring out the best in her and see her achieve her dreams and aspirations. 

That doesn’t mean that he’ll give into nagging. Nor does it mean that he’ll become a devoted housecleaner, if that’s not in his personality. 

What it does mean is that he cares, a lot, and goes out of his way to do HIS BEST to make her happy. 

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2. He looks forward to hearing your voice every day

He doesn’t make constant excuses that “he’s too busy” because he genuinely loves having you in his life. 

When a man loves the woman he is with, he can’t wait to hear the sound of her voice each day. 

He loves talking to her, doing nice things for her and having fun in life on a daily basis. 

3. He isn’t afraid to say the “L” word

It just comes natural for a man to tell her he loves her. 

Some men will say it almost too often because he just can’t help himself. 

Others, the kind who don’t say it often, will say it more than he ever said it to anyone else. And will show it in his actions. 

Why do some women hear the “L” word from their man, while others don’t? 

Perhaps he’s the WRONG man…

…OR… Perhaps he’s just not ‘there’ yet.

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4. He wants to listen

The right man genuinely cares about what’s going on in his lady’s life.

He cares about her struggles, her little bits of gossip she wants to share, and wants to encourage her to achieve her goals.

Plus he’s always there to offer support when things aren’t going well.

And he listens to the little details too. He rarely forgets a favourite wine, or types of movies she may like.

And he makes mental notes of what might be fun to surprise her with in the future.

5. He speaks his mind (and fights fair)

If he doesn’t like something, he’s not afraid to say it. And he does it in a respectful, calm manner (most of the time).

If he does lose his cool, he isn’t afraid to apologise later (he is human after all).

He doesn’t bring up past arguments, every time a new one starts. And he doesn’t resort to name calling.

And it doesn’t take him long to go back to regular life after that. He knows an argument is just a part of life, and not necessarily a sign of a problem in the relationship. 

6. He relies on your opinion the most, and genuinely values it

When a guy really trusts a woman he is with, he reaches a point where no subject is off limits. He’ll ask her opinion, even on matters she has no expertise in, because he wants her to know and understand him on all levels.

He cares about what she thinks, and takes it into account when he makes future decisions. 

7. It’s ok to vent to him

Sometimes a woman just needs to voice her anger or frustrations and have someone there who genuinely understands where she’s coming from.

A great man is patient and lets her vent, without getting annoyed or upset. The only thing that upsets him is that he wants to make everything right. 

8. He is passionate about his job and is motivated

He has figured out what he wants in life and is motivated.

That’s not to say that a guy who isn’t passionate about their job is necessarily a bad catch, as it’s important to pay the bills and sometimes the dream job isn’t available right now.

But he knows where he’s heading and where he wants to be. And knows to take active steps to get there, even if it’s in the future.

If he’s working at a place he doesn’t like, he’s taking active steps to work towards a better life.

He has more than just the relationship to be passionate about, and that’s a good thing. 

9. He is your biggest fan

He knows what his woman’s dreams and aspirations are, and he encourages her to achieve them. He cheers her on when she has her wins and he’s there to give her a hug if things aren’t going to plan.

10. He treats others with kindness and respect

It’s always a good sign that he’s a great man if he treats others (sometimes even people he doesn’t like) with kindness and respect. 

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