How To Tap Into His “Infatuation Instinct”

This video reveals why so many men are resistant to commitment…

…Plus the unexpected reason why some men will push away their ‘perfect woman’… even though she ticks all the boxes.

Note: If you’ve ever been passed over by a man who simply couldn’t see all the reasons why you’re the perfect woman for him… then this is a must-watch video

Watch this video and discover…

#1. How To Win Him Over With Words…

And the exact scripts to trigger a man’s infatuation instinct.

#2. Find Out The Top 3 Ways To Make Him Love You Like Crazy

And how to make him feel that intense and burning desire…

#3. The “Halo Effect” Some Women Have Over Men

This makes men idealize them and overlook or explain away all their flaws…

#4. The crucial link between UNCERTAINTY and infatuation…

…and why having too much control in a relationship makes a man feel suffocated and uncertain

#5. Learn The Right Body Language To Use…

So that a deep, unspoken and unbreakable connection develops.

#6. Discover the Surprising Reason Men Always Choose Certain Women

 And why it’s not about checking all the boxes on a man’s list of what makes his ‘perfect girl’…

Infatuation Scripts – by Clayton Max

This program, based on cutting-edge psychology and research from the frontiers of brain science, reveals how a man’s “infatuation instinct” overrides his feelings of doubt and hesitation, takes away any logical reasons he has for holding back, and makes him absolutely sure you’re the only one for him.

In it, you’ll learn the three keys to activating a man’s infatuation instinct, the biggest mistakes women make which cause him to pull away, and exactly what to say to change the way he feels about you, including 96 word-for-word scripts.

It works for any stage of a relationship, whether you’re just getting to know each other, you’ve been dating for years, you’re married, or your relationship has ended and you want to get him back.

… and it shows you how to do it all from a place of authenticity, where you never feel like you’re playing games or trying to manipulate him.

This program comes with a 107-page PDF, with versions for Kindle and iBooks, an audio edition for those who want to listen in the car, while exercising or out for a walk… and an optional video version for those who learn more visually.

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